The project is a generated coat of arms and applied to the fabric in the form of pennants, as well as printing, engraving and embroidery with silver thread.
In the course of work, the AI ​​offers its own version of the individual coat of arms for each person, depending on his biological, geographical parameters and personal preferences - based on a DNA test and place of birth.

The project also touches on an international context.
The work is not aimed at deconstructing national features, as it might look at first glance. He proposes to track how the syntax is built up between what is represented and how it is described. The syntax is understood as a familiar identity, cashing out of which shows the side of its corporate component.
A similarity with the logo - translates the argument into the corporate plane. As if it was a personalized logo, instead of a general one.

The project raises issues related to patriotism and symbolism. Is the use of the mark obsolete in a multicultural world where any radical view is poorly relevant to the fact of the presence of the genome and technology.