Data Iceberg

Iseberg data, 2018

installation, 160 x 160 cm, Glass, resin, plastic, wood, led light,

Sound 5.1 - 2.36 min 

Christina Cyan - artist / Arseny Kalinin - engineer-physicist, microscopy specialist (NT-MDT, Moscow) / Pavel Vinar - Software Engineer (NT-MDT, Moscow) / Alexander Khachikyan -Scientist (Max Planck Institute, Bremen, Germany) 

If we look through the aperture which we have opened up onto the absolute, what we see there is a rather menacing power--something insensible, and capable of destroying both things and worlds, of bringing forth monstrous absurdities, yet also of never doing anything, of realizing every dream, but also every nightmare, of engendering random and frenetic transformations, or conversely, of producing a universe that remains motionless down to its ultimate recesses, like a cloud bearing the fiercest storms, then the eeriest bright spells, if only for an interval of disquieting calm

Quentin Meillassoux   


Artwork based on the ideas of correlationism, where pure mathematics remains when the perception of the subjective exclude. Meillassoux gives an example of large sets. However, exactly subjective perception brings the meaning into a data . Thus, the work reflects the pressure of data that is becoming increasingly visible to humans. As the result of work scientists receive the information, but unpublished information or information that is not applied no longer remains simple data. It begins to affect the matter - the psychophysiological state of the reciever, who has given it meaning. Frustration caused by the phenomenon of big date. Overflow of the information field, hypergeneration of new data - all this is a floating indicator that the strategy has accumulated the potential for change. 


The artwork was represent on Science Fest, Planetaruim I, in Saint-Petersburg