Artistic practice originates in conceptual art, it is interdisciplinary and represented by reseach, videos, objects, graphics and total installations, which include site-specific work with context and historical archives.

I often explore the rising possibilities of communication and their correlations to rhetoric topics such as information, identities, time and perception. I also appeared to a geopolitical environment or new media rising territories and possibilities of communication and saving a balance with a nature. I aim to reseach these themes as opposed to contemporary technologies shaping the today and tomorrow. As an artistic method I look for ways to produce the work which based on cognitive and research methods of misrepresentation of

reality and the consequences of this. The directions of this methods related to post-truth and a cultures studies.

What is real? How amount of information can influence on social condition? Will we able to rich the balance with the nature by equality of rights? Where there dierence between virtual and real communication? Where the ethical norm to pervade the enviroment?

I rise these issues are related to globalization, processes of interaction with society, how media advancements aect and influence our fragmented perception of reality and materiality, as well as taking into account the

prospects for the development of technologies - interaction with nature, biotechnology, ethical, politics, phylosophycal and aesthetic aspects.


04.2019 - Academy of Arts, Vienna, Media

5.2019  - ICA, Moscow,  New Art strategies

06.2017 - 07.2017 Dukley EAC Summer School, Kotor

09.2011 - 06.2014 NIUD Saint-Petersburg, MA

09.2007 - 06.2011 SUTD tecnology and design, Saint-Petersburg, BA



01.2019 Seance of group theraphy / Tzekh, Moscow

10.2018 Unknown / Science & Culture, Moscow


09.2019  - Nothing worse than I don’t care / Frunzenskaya 10, Moscow

09.2019  - Meet as Meet / MIIT, Moscow
06.2019  - Action Hybryde / Venice

06.2019 - OXG / Winzavod Open, Moscow

02.2019 - Noumen / CCI Fabrica, Moscow

12.2018 - Hot news show / DK, Moscow

10.2018 - Cold hot / Volna, Saint-Petersburg

10.2018 - Nevoshedshee / Agile gallery, Saint-Petersburg

09.2018 - Science Fest / Planetarium 1, Saint-Petersburg

07.2018 - Not for sale / Osnova gallery, Moscow

06.208 - Die Wahrheit / Berlin

05.2018 - Art-Lobster-Tart / A3 gallery, Moscow

04.2018 - What bothering you? / ICA, Moscow

03.2018 - Synchronous meetings /  ICA, Moscow

12.2017 - Borders / ICA, Moscow

10.2017  - ICONS /  Dukley Art Gallery, Budva

07.2017 - Beginning / ARXIV , Moscow

07.2017  - Embrassing of neiborhood / Dukley EAC, Kotor


07.2017 Dukley Art Residence, Kotor

06.2018 Die Wahrheit, Berlin