Interdisciplinary artist Kristina Cyan (born in 1988, USSR) currently lives and works in Vienna. She acquired her first education in Fine Arts and BA in Architecture Design in SUTD Saint Petersburg, MA in Art Theory from the ICA of I. Backshtein, Moscow and currently studying in the class of Art and Digital Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

She is involved in collective practice with an art group in Vienna and takes a part in exhibitions, based on non-hierarchical structures and horizontal connections. Her artistic work and practice focus on the intersection of (media- and bio-) technology, body politics, politics of images, and feminist and environmental studies.

From her point of view, technology is not only a tool but also represents hybridity politics of extensions end entering questions of information, identities, publicity, and politics. These issues concern globalization, processes of interaction with society, and

advanced media technologies and do affect and influence our fragmented perception of reality and materiality. And this is the area, where her aesthetical concerns are addressing a challenge of ethics.